1. You can always count on me, Bill Carozza, and you can contact me at bcarozza@hopkintonschools.org or on Twitter at: wcarozza.

2. NHSTE has developed a list of educators on Twitter who we're sure would love to help:

  • NMHS_Principal
  • PrincipalDavis
  • timtyson
  • wcarozza
  • heywoj
  • chrislehmann
  • tee62
  • sebneca
  • principalspage
  • admimom
  • bhsprincipal
  • JudyHarris05
  • fliegs
  • timlauer
3. For resources on other areas of Web 2.0, click on the links on the left hand side of the wiki.

4. Powerpoint for iPod Touch workshop on Slideshare.

5. Powerpoint for Web 2.0 workshop for administrators on Slideshare.

6. Powerpoint for Podcasting using Garageband and Podomatic on Slideshare.

7. Links to Web 2.0 apps: